Means of payment

Means of payment :

You can pay by :
Telephone +33 612 062 543 for order or/and payment
- credit card via paypal, (even if you don't have a paypal account ) 
- Paypal
- cryptocurrency


Cryptocurreny payment :

We accept cryptocurrencies.

Step 1 :
When you are on the page of the payment , you will see that you can pay by Paypal or Coinbase.
You will have to select  "coinbase"


Step 2 :
After clicking “Review order”, you will be redirected to "complete your order"



Step 3 : Select a cryptocurrency
(let's say that you selected "Litecoin")


Step 4 : You will have to copy our litecoin wallet address
(If you choosed to pay with Litecoin)

Then go in your wallet and send the payment to our wallet

 You will see a clock "awaiting payment"
It make take up to 1h before we receive the payment

If you select Litecoin, be sure to send from a litecoin wallet
If you select Bitcoincash, be sure to send from a Bitcoincash wallet

Etc .... 
Then you will have to send the proper amount from your wallet to our wallet.
As soon as we will receive your payment, (it can take 1/2h to 1h) we will be informed, and we will send your parcel.

We stay at your disposal for any help you may need 
Phone : +33 612062543 (7/7 from 10am to 22pm french time)
email :